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Using SMART Recorder for Remediation

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The SMART recorder is an excellent tool with numerous applications. This session focuses on utilizing the recorder for tutoring or remediation. Placing the technology in the students' hands allows the teacher to facilitate learning and differentiate instruction based on student readiness! In addition, it allows the student to see his/her work and take ownership of his/her mastery.


  • SMART Recorder Examples 

                Student Recording

                SMART Recording of a lesson


  • Now that the recording is complete you can open and view the recording through Windows Media Player, but the fun doesn't stop there!  Make the recording mobile by converting it to a MP4 file and upload it to a hand-held device.  Upload it to your class web page.  Your students can access your curriculum anywhere, anytime!

                  Student Recording Conversion

  • iTouch, iPod, mp3 Player
  • Conversion 
    • ZamZar - Free
    • Media Converter - Free
    • Prism - Free
    • Allok - $34.95 and worth the price
  • Hands-on Experience 
  • Watch this video to see how to convert your SMART recording file to an mp4 format and upload to a mobile device using ZAMZAR and iTunes. 





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